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Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling and psychotherapy is well suited to a range of personal circumstances and issues, meaning that anyone can benefit from this valuable therapeutic option.  psychotherapy can be effectively applied regardless of the client’s sexual orientations, type of relationship, financial status, social background, beliefs, or culture.

Therapy can help you to communicate better with a loved one or help to build skills to do so.  Alternatively, it  can be a space to talk about any relational concerns that you might have.

Couples Therapy

When issues and problems arise within a relationship, this can have a negative effect on everyone. Relationship counselling and psychotherapy is designed to address ways for couples to cope with the distress, pain, and upset that problems can bring by suggesting exercises and communication skill-building.

Therapy works by exploring patterns in their relationship in a non-blaming way. Often partners can pinpoint a problem as having been started due to a particular cause or a person. We will, however, encourage each individual to explore how they have contributed to a certain unhelpful pattern. We will work to identify the strengths and weaknesses within the relationship, improve communication between couples and ultimately set goals and devise strategies which will resolve their current difficulties.

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Why Therapy at

The Listening Co?

You can feel confident that your therapist will adapt and tailor sessions to fit your personal circumstances and problems. The needs, resources, preferences of the people involved are taken into account as much as possible – enabling everyone to feel they are being listened to and their feelings are being considered.

For a friendly and completely confidential conversation please feel free to get in touch with us and we will arrange for you both to see a fully accredited, experienced, and qualified couple’s counsellor.

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